In my compositions I’m searching something that has been lost, but stays irreplaceable. It’s my attempt to find a meaning in a series of meaningless events and things, which surround our world.”

Elena is a classically trained pianist-composer.  She was born in Ukraine, where she grew up.

Elena obtained a Bachelor of Music from The Odessa National A.V. Nezhdanova Academy of Music, Ukraine. In 2018 Elena moved to the UK and completed her studies under the supervision of professor Andrew West at the  Royal Academy of Music in London, achieving a Master’s degree in Performance (with distinction), and the Dip RAM in piano accompaniment for an outstanding performance in a postgraduate level. 

Elena moved to Guernsey later in 2021 to be Head of Piano, at the School of Popular Music. Currently she works as a piano tutor and accompanist  at Blanchelande College. Elena enjoys participating in the wider Guernsey music community and continues to play with the Guernsey Symphony Orchestra, Bel Canto Ladies Choir and others.  

Elena is passionate about composition and explores and publishes in the neo-classical field.  She performs using her artistic name Ellen F and has released albums “Monologue”, “Hug The Sadness”, “Memories Of Our Future”,  “1+1”  and "tEARs". She  was commissioned to create music for the media projects of UN Women exhibition in London, Suicide Zero, The Mirror, Papyrus UK and others. Her sound focuses on music means as a metaphor and aesthetic exploration ranges from classical contemporary piano miniatures  to experimental alternative. Through her harmonic language she has blended sophisticated sorrow and melancholic hope and updated classical music for contemporary life.  Aesthetic platform of her music - inner world of a person, which refers to loneliness, grief, sadness, regret, desperation and endless soul projection and actualization.